One of the dorkiest things I do (these days) is participate in the Weight Watchers message boards. I’ve found a board that I check in with most days, and there are lots of funny people on it who help motivate me to stay on track. There are always challenges running that you can be a part of, whether it is to help you earn your activity points for the month or to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain upcoming holiday, etc. I’ve never really participated in any of these but I decided to join in a Biggest Loser challenge that started back in December. The way it worked, every Tuesday when the show would air we would update with that week’s current weight. Every week we had a ‘biggest loser’ of the week, all working up to a final tally of who lost the highest percentage of weight over the course of the challenge.

Yesterday, the season finale aired and so our biggest loser was also announced…and it was me! I had no idea I was even at the head of the pack in terms of weight loss. But, my starting weight was 216 and I ended at my current 185.8, so I lost almost 14% of my weight throughout the challenge. There is even a prize–I will be receiving a gift card to Sports Authority in the mail someday soon. I was very surprised and proud of myself. Also, watching the TV show the Biggest Loser is totally a secret guilty pleasure of mine. It is so interesting to watch people make dramatic physical transformations!

I am still on my own personal Binge Free Challenge. The last couple of days have been rough. I haven’t planned out my day and I end up getting the munchies in the middle of the day and wasting a bunch of points. I haven’t let it veer into binge territory, so I think that is a pretty big victory. I do need to do a better job of planning things out, because I know how much that helps me to stay on track and to eat more healthfully. Another component is boredom–I get bored at work and there are always lots of yummy snacks around. I’ve got to save those points for the events I have coming up, though–this weekend is a beach trip with some friends, and then next Friday I leave for Ireland!