Once a week, I head over to the Weight Watchers meeting center to weigh in. I used to do this on Wednesdays, but my schedule varies a lot and I haven’t found a leader who I love, so I kind of bounce around and lately it has been mainly on Friday mornings. This meeting is by far the highest attended of the ones I’ve seen, mainly consisting of middle-aged ladies in yoga pants with a smattering of older women and one or two men. The leader is a beautiful woman in her late 60’s who is pretty entertaining, if not especially informative, and the crowd is participatory and enthusiastic.

I really…don’t get a lot out of these meetings. It kind of reminds me of Sunday Schools that I attended growing up. Simplistic lessons spreading information that I, as a person interested in health and nutrition as well as a repeat dieter, have heard a million times. When I have time, I force myself to sit there and stay as long as I can but it’s hard to avoid checking my email and drifting off somewhere else.

The thing is, I know that something about going to the center and getting weighed in is KEY for me. It helps me to have an “official” number. I hop on the scale once or twice or three times a day (yeah, maybe should cut back on that), enough so that the I see the number fluctuate throughout the week/day and I don’t get too hung up on where I’m at at the moment. But getting my official weight helps me to track my success in a concrete way. It’s printed out on a sticker! If I’m lucky, the receptionist will remember to give me a little five pound star when I’m due for one and they always tell me I’m doing great. The ritual of going and getting weighed in helps me to stay focused and on track. I would like to find a meeting with a great leader that I love attending, but that just hasn’t happened. Sometimes I feel silly paying $15/week basically just to have someone weigh me…but it seems to be working, so I’ll stick with it.

One of my favorite parts of going to the center is people watching. People do the CRAZIEST things when they are obsessed with their weight and it’s about to be recorded. Many people have an outfit that they wear every week…as I mentioned previously, for a lot of them this seems to include yoga pants. Other people strip down to the barest minimum amount of clothing required by law; today I saw an old woman wearing hot pants and a sports bra while standing at the scale. I try not to get too out of control with my weigh in outfit…in the winter, I switched to jeans and took a bit of a hit on the scale. In the summer, I tend to wear a lightweight skirt or dress. It all works out in the end, right?

Anyway, today I had a great weigh in of 185.8! That’s 2 pounds lighter than last Friday. I had really good control this week and I’m happy with the results of tracking the whole weekend and being honest with myself.