Last Friday at my weigh in I hit a huge milestone–50 pounds lost. It felt great to see that my hard work has been adding up and to take note of my progress. I’m so glad that I have stuck with it over the last six months, and I really do feel a lot better than I did back in November.

In November:

  • Wearing a size 18 and bursting out of a lot of my clothes. I had a hard time finding things that I felt cute/sexy in.
  • Size XL top
  • Could no longer do shoulder stand or wheel pose in my yoga classes because I was just too heavy.
  • I was trying to accept myself at that size, but I really didn’t feel good about myself.
  • Stuffing myself with unhealthy food. I didn’t feel well because I wasn’t eating well. I ate Chinese food (fried tofu in a sweet sauce) for dinner once or twice a week, lots of ice cream, lots of crap.


  • Wearing a size 12 on bottom and M/L tops
  • I’m excited to run into people I haven’t seen in a while, and not embarrassed!
  • My yoga practice has progressed really well, I’ve even been able to do some new poses like crow, headstand and forearm balance. My yoga goal for 2012 is to do a handstand!
  • I feel a lot more physically fit in general.
  • I still struggle with occasional binges, but for the most part I am eating healthily and this gives me more energy.
  • My confidence is higher, and I have a feeling of success that has carried over into other areas of my life.

I still have quite a ways to go, but I’m over halfway to my goal.